36 Jenis Sakit Kritikal

Info untuk anda semua..  ??

(36 Jenis Sakit Kritikal) 


(1)Alzheimer  disease/ Severe Dementia.

(2)Angioplasty and other invasive treatments for coronary artery

(3)Bacterial Meningtis

(4)Benign brain tumour


(6)Brain surgery



(9)Chronic Aplastic Anaemia


(11)Coronary artery by-pass surgery


(13) Encephalitis

(14)End-stage liver failure

(15)End-stage lung disease

(16)Full Blown AIDS

(17)Fulminant Viral Hepatisis

(18)Heart Attack

(19)Heart-valve surgery

(20)HIV infection due to blood transfusion

(21)Kidney Failure

(22)Loss of Independent existence

(23)Loss of Speech

(24)Major head trauma

(25)Major organ/bone barrow transplant

(26)Medullary cystic disease

(27)Motor neuron disease

(28)Multiple sclerosis

(29)Paralysis of limbs

(30)Parkinson’s disease

(31)Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension

(32)Serious coronary artery disease


(34)Surgery to aorta

(35)Systemic lupus erythematosus with seere kidney compications

(36)Third degree burns

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